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Namada Proposes Partnership with Osmosis to Enhance Multichain Privacy

Zug, Switzerland — Namada, the Layer-1 blockchain for multi-chain privacy, has proposed a partnership with fellow L1 Osmosis, home of the interchain DEX of the same name. The proposal was made by Namada co-founder Christopher Goes on the Osmosis governance forum.

The potential partnership would see Namada and Osmosis strengthen the already close ties that exist between the projects, with a particular focus on enhancing multi-chain privacy for users. Collaboration between Namada and Osmosis in this capacity is intended to enrich the respective ecosystems and bring a raft of benefits, particularly to holders of $OSMO tokens, stakers and LP’ers who would be eligible for an upcoming Namada airdrop.

According to Goes, the L1 blockchain platform is interested in allocating continuous public goods funding to a grants pool managed by the Osmosis Grants Program, with the goal of funding projects that offer benefit to both the Osmosis and Namada ecosystems. Moreover, Namada would implement Shielded Actions, a feature which allows $OSMO holders and Osmosis users to seamlessly benefit from both the privacy features of Namada and the trading capabilities of Osmosis.

Christopher Goes, co-founder of Namada said: Osmosis did the first real “go-to-market” for IBC, without which neither the protocol nor the Cosmos ecosystem would be what they are today. With this proposal, Namada aims to give thanks and to set the stage for future cooperation. I look forward to many opportunities for positive-sum collaboration between the Namada and Osmosis ecosystems, including collaborative grants funding, shielded actions, Ferveo, and more.

Sunny Aggarwal, Co-founder of Osmosis Labs said: Preserving privacy has never been more important than it is today. We're excited about this potential collaboration with Namada, as it would provide a mutual benefit to both networks — as well as our users — who deserve a private and user-friendly DeFi experience.

Dev Ojha, co-founder of Osmosis Labs said: It’s been a pleasure working with Heliax on the design and engineering of threshold encryption, and shielded actions. Heliax folks have been great thought partners on the core problems around blockchain design. I’m quite excited about potential further collaboration between the ecosystems on privacy technology, and protocol design!

Although the proposal has not yet been carried forward, Heliax – the blockchain research and development firm behind both Namada and upcoming intent-centric protocol Anoma – already has an ongoing partnership with Osmosis Labs, the development team behind Osmosis. Both are busy developing synergistic features that benefit both ecosystems.

Namada leverages an upgraded version of the ZK technology pioneered by Zcash, enabling any digital asset to be transacted privately – including non-fungible tokens. Namada co-founder Christopher noted that he has known Osmosis Labs’ co-founders Sunny and Dev since their days working together at Tendermint Inc., a core contributor to the Cosmos network, in Berkeley, California. Last year, Heliax and Osmosis Labs collaborated on Ferveo, a fast threshold decryption protocol for Mempool Privacy on BFT consensus blockchains.

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