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Multichain Privacy Protocol Namada is First One to propose a Shielded Airdrop to ZEC

Zug, Switzerland – Christopher Goes, co-founder of Namada, the L1 blockchain for multichain privacy, has proposed an airdrop to transparent and shielded ZEC holders as a mechanism for retroactive public goods funding directly to folks who have financially supported Zcash development in the past by holding and using the ZEC asset.

The Anoma Foundation plans to include in Namada’s genesis block proposal an allocation for a direct airdrop (allocation of NAM, the Namada staking token) as part of at least 20% of Namada’s genesis block proposal to Retroactive Public Goods Funding, to current Zcash holders. Distribution of the airdrop may happen in stages after mainnet Namada is live later this spring.

This airdrop would cover all ZEC, including both transparent and shielded. While many transparent airdrops have been done before, this will be the first time an airdrop is done directly to shielded ZEC holders (who can claim without compromising their privacy). This process relies upon the convert circuit pioneered by Namada, which allows the airdrop to be done in a fully shielded fashion.

The exact parameters of the airdrop are yet to be determined, but the rates will be calibrated such that shielded ZEC receives slightly more than transparent ZEC, in order to reward past and current users of Zcash who have contributed to shared privacy.

This airdrop is proposed alongside other funding mechanisms such as the establishment of a grants pool and a possible future donation to the Zcash Sustainability Fund or other protocol-level funding mechanism adopted by the Zcash community. These explorations are part of the proposed strategic alliance between Zcash and Namada, with the goal of helping to align the interests of both networks and encourage continued collaboration in the long-term.

Christopher Goes of the Anoma Foundation said: “Namada wouldn’t have been possible without the world-class research, development, and outreach efforts of the Zcash community, and we’d like to offer material thanks to ZEC users and holders who have tirelessly supported these efforts.”

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